The Miracle of Christmas

December 21, 2017

The Christmas story fills me with such hope and excitement. The bible says that God SO loved the world that he gave his only son, and he chose to fulfil that promise to us by sending him – not as a vicar, a lawyer, a policeman, a successful business man, but as a baby! The most vulnerable way possible. Jesus the messiah, son of God, and Holy King was sent in the same way as us into this world totally dependent on his parents Mary and Joseph to have every basic need met. They weren’t experienced parents either, as was their first opportunity to be parents. They were simply listened to the voice of God and did the best they could. The most amazing miracle, and there are many more to be found in this story.

God was made flesh and experienced everything about being flesh. Does Jesus fully understand us? Yes. He lived through being a baby and grew up as a child just like we have. Miraculously every single detail surrounding the birth of Jesus was taken care of, the timing, the location, and each old testament prophecy that was fulfilled. And God didn’t use any of man’s modern technology of today to do any of it.

          God communicated to Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the kings using Angels and dreams to send messages, rather than twitter, Instagram, email, or Facebook! He used the stars to navigate the shepherds and wise men journeys to find the saviour. Some of us struggle with maps and compasses and even Sat Navs these days to find our way round! But they were successful at reaching their destination using stars. I don’t think I could get to the nearest village from the hilltops if I was only allowed to look at the stars!

          Jesus’ mother Mary had such a friendship with Elizabeth, who had recently experienced a miracle in her own life and conceived when it was thought impossible, meaning that these two women could have a close friendship with shared experience and really understand one another. Then after Jesus was born, God used to people who prophesied which was confirmation and encouragement to Mary, and demonstrates that God really cares about the small details of our lives. God works like this in our lives today, so don’t be shy to share whatever your needs are with God today, because he meets our needs in ways no one else can.

Only God has the complete picture and has the power to work all things together for good for those that love him and are called according to his purposes, and the story of the first Christmas demonstrates this beautifully. Mary and Josephs home was in Israel, Judea, and yet God still worked things out in line with the prophecy that Jesus would grow up as a Nazarene. The prophecy said that Jesus would born in Bethlehem and God used the politics of the day requiring the people to be counted at that very place, at the very time that Jesus was due to be born to make that happen.

          The real enemy then came up with a plan using the wicked King Herod’s jealousy and fear of losing power to try and destroy the son of God, by issuing a degree to kill all the babies up to the age of 2, and God still prevailed and provided the appropriate wisdom to Jesus parents and to the wise men, to keep his son safe, for that was not his appointed time, and even used this event to fulfill the prophecy about him being a Nazarene. How awesome is our God?!

If you are in the process of waiting for some miracles to be worked out in your lives, in the area of finance, family, church or healing, let all these miracles that we are reminded of in this unique and special story encourage you into a deeper level of trust in him for your own personal situation. 

          Lastly, and quite possibly most importantly of all, let’s remember to seek Gods face first in our lives. Being human, this is something we often miss, yet it is so simple. We find it easy when disaster strikes, or as a last resort, when it appears that solutions are impossible to find, but it is easy to assume that the little details aren’t important to God. Let me tell you, God cares about every little detail! The shepherds and kings that travelled to visited Jesus when he was a baby got it right when they simply came to seek him, and worship him, and bring him gifts. He hadn’t told any stories at that point. He hadn’t performed any miracles, or healed anyone, and it is the same with us and our lives. The first thing we must do is worship him as King of our lives, seeking his face first, and worshiping him before anything else. The bible says if we do this everything else will fall into place.


          We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy and Special Christmas, and a very good and Blessed New Year for 2018. Do keep sending us prayer requests and testimonies as we don’t stop praying just because its Christmas.

Lots of love Karen and Barry x



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