Barry and karen have recently planted a new church in Kendal, Cumbria, New Beginnings

          Church and meets every Sunday evening at 6pm. Yet still continue to  travel extensively around

        the United Kingdom and overseas ministering and leading worship together in all kinds of

      environments, including conferences, seminars, churches, fellowships and house groups.

          We offer Spirit led meetings where we trust God to release a timely word to preach, in season to           minister to the people we are serving, accompanied with words of knowledge and prayer for healing as the holy spirit directs us. On such occasions, we may preach from any topic in the Bible as we are led.

     We also offer specific teaching seminars on faith or health and healing to equip and empower, here the focus is mainly on teaching, but we always try to offer prayer to those who need it.

        We are also available to minister in a more relaxed informal setting, where specific people may be   invited by those holding the meeting. These special meetings are usually for smaller groups. We share               powerful effective testimonies and stories for unbelievers with amazing results. 

         We will pray for the needs of those who have any prayer needs especially in the area of healing                     whether in their home or  in hospital. If you would like us to come and minister in your Conference,                      Church, Fellowship, Home Group, Outreach or Rally, please call us or complete the following form,                       including some information about your the needs of your Church, Fellowship, or group, and what

                 type of meeting you would like us to do and we will be in contact with you shortly. 


We are an itinerant prophetic Faith and Healing ministry committed to serving the Lord and seeking his will through prayer. All donations and gifts received are used to promote the gospel and transforming lives.

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