Foundations of Faith.

In this teaching series, you’ll discover what faith is and how much power is in it, how to apply it to your everyday life. By activating this God given faith, you will be able to walk daily in the victory that God has intended you to. We will also show you how avoid hindrances to your faith


Teaching  Includes:



  1. What is Faith  ( Believing faith)

  2. The power of Faith. (faith comes by hearing)

  3. How do you apply it. (speaking faith)

  4. Growing in Faith (using your faith daily)

  5. Walking in victory using your faith (Learn how to walk in faith)

  6. Prayer of faith

  7. Hindrances to faith filled life


We are an itinerant prophetic Faith and Healing ministry committed to serving the Lord and seeking his will through prayer. All donations and gifts received are used to promote the gospel and transforming lives.

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