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Prayer & Testimonies


I am a retired Dr and I know that medicine and surgery can do amazing things but frequently also doesn't have the answer and can sometimes only provide symptom relief. 


I believe God heals today and have seen it happen in my own life many times.


For example once about 18 months ago I sprained my back so badly I could hardly walk or get in the car. I was determined to go to church that day and hobbled in and couldn't sit down easily when I got there. By the end of the service the pain had almost completely gone! It continued to get better very quickly. I do believe this was a miraculous healing because sprains usually take a lot longer to clear up.


Since coming to New Beginnings Church I have learned to tell pain to leave in Jesus' name frequently , if I get a pain for any reason I will do this and invariably it goes within a minute or two. God is so powerful !  HK


As Scripture says in Mathew 18.19, “ If two of you shall agree upon the earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father in heaven.” Prayer is a weapon that God uses to destroy the works of the enemy.

Send us your prayer request, that we can stand with you for your victory!



If you have been healed or had an answer to prayer through our ministry or at one of our meetings and would like to submit your testimony. 

We would love to hear from you and rejoice with you in what the Lord has done in your life. That it may encourage others to have faith to receive answers to their needs.


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